Aquarelle Painting Exercise for kids

Easy Aquarelle
Painting Exercise for Kids

Try this simple aquarelle painting exercise for kids! It’s fun, quick and gives a great result that will inspire your child to keep painting. It’s suitable for ages around 7 and older. But it’s also a fun exercise for adults!

Before you begin: Make sure you use a quality paper suitable for aquarelle painting, an ordinary paper will wrinkle and spoil your child’s efforts. The quality of the brush is also important, use a brush with fine hairs that will hold a lot of water. Your child’s watercolor box is good enough for this exercise, but if you like you can let him or her use your aquarelle colors. They will spread better when they come in contact with water, which is the effect we’re looking for here.

Read the whole instruction before you teach your child. If you can try it yourself first it’s even better.

Step one: Paint the ground on dry paper in whatever color you like.

Step two: Wash the brush in a bowl of water. Use clean water and wet the paper thoroughly from the middle up. There should be two or three inches of dry paper between the ground and the wet sky.

Step three: Paint quite a big circle in any color on the wet part of the paper. If you like the bottom of the circle can be on the dry part. Fill the circle with color. Now you have made the crown of a tree.

Step four: Choose a color for the trunk. Paint the trunk by making a quick line with the brush.

Step five: Add more trees (maybe you have to make the sky wet again first), flowers and a sky. Apply fresh paint on the ground and scratch it with the back of your brush to make grass blades.

You’re done! A masterpiece!

xTrad-kollage.jpg.pagespeed.ic.s-VemElEMIThis is a fun aquarelle painting exercise for adults as well. Once you try it you’re hooked! The variations are endless.

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