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It’s easy to join our gallery, and everyone is welcome. If you’re looking for a market place for your artwork, a membership on Show-Your-Own-Art-Gallery is a great way for you to reach out to the whole world. And it’s free!

To join our gallery, simply click on the “Create Account” button at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions. It’s not complicated and it only takes a few minutes.


The Membership

A membership on Show-Your-Own-Art-Gallery is free and we charge no commission on sales you make. After you’ve created your portfolio, you will be able to login from the homepage or the Members’ page. Your portfolio will then open in a separate window, and from there you can add or delete art and edit your profile. Before you add your pictures, we ask that you re-size them to a width or hight of 550 pixels, depending of which side is the longest (550 pixels = the longest side). Read more about that on the¬†Members’ page.


Who Can Join Us?

Palette_180pxAnyone from age 15 can create a portfolio on Show Your Own Art Gallery. It doesn’t matter if you are an established artist, a beginner or something in between; everyone can join our gallery! You don’t have to have lots of paintings to join us – if you only have one, that will do as a start! There are no restrictions however on the number of pieces you can add to the gallery. Also, if you wish to sell your art or not is completely up to you. Maybe you can’t separate from one of your pieces but you still want to show it. No problem, just choose “Not for sale” when you add your picture.


Selling Your Art

Our vision is that Show-Your-Own-Art-Gallery will be one of the most visited art galleries on the Internet. Our mission is to spread your fantastic art over the world to make it a more colourful place. One of our main concerns is to make it easy to sell and to buy art from our gallery. A purchase will be strictly between the buyer and the artist; we won’t charge commission on any sales. The buyer fills in a contact form when he or she wishes to buy something from you, after which we notify you with an e-mail. From there on the contract is between the artist and the buyer.


Come on and Join Our Gallery!

Have you decided to become a member? Yippee! Click on “Create Account” and we’ll get you started right away. When you have created your account you will receive our confirmation e-mail. Please read it carefully for details about you membership.

If you need more information, check out the Member’s page.


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