Paintings by Claude Monet

Famous paintings by Claude Monet

Impression, Sunrise

Impression_soleil_levant215pxYear: 1872
Dimensions: 48 x 63 cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Movement: French impressionism
Current Location: Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris

About the painting: The view in this painting is the harbour of Le Havre in France at sunrise, seen from Monets window. Monet showed this painting in 1874 on the first independent art show of the Impressionists. Monet did´nt know what to name it for the catalogue so he just called it "Impression, soleil levant" (Impression, sunrise). Later an art critic used the name of the painting and coined the term "Impressionism" as he wrote an article about the painting, not having very high thoughts about it.


Claude_Monet_Camille215pxYear: 1866
Dimensions: 231 x 151 cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Current location: Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany

About the painting: Camille was Monets model and later also his wife. She is pictured in many of Monets paitings like "The Woman in the Garden", "On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt" and also in this one. Monet's "Camille" or "The Woman in the Green Dress (La femme à la robe verte)" brought him recognition.

Wheatstacks, End of Summer

Wheatstacks_collection215pxYear: 1890-91
Dimensions: 60x100 cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Movement: French impressionism
Current location: Art institute of Chicago

About the painting at the top: This is one painting in a series of about 25, all depicting grain- and haystacks at Giverny. It was on a walk Monet saw these haystacks and decided to paint them. This was the autumn of 1890 and he continued through the following spring, using that year's harvest. Here Monet demonstrates his skill in capturing sunligt, at different times of the day, at different times of the year. The series of paintings was a great success, praised by critics and public.

This is his earliest project with a series of paintings with the same theme and he continued with this type of projects for the rest of his life. The different paintings are located all over the world like Australia, France, Switzerland, Scotland, US: Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis.

Water Lilies

WaterLilies_collection215pxYear: 1908
Dimensions: ? cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Movement: Impressionism
Current location: Dallas Museum of Arts, Dallas US

About the painting at the top: This painting is only one in a series of approximately 250 paintings, depicting his flower garden at Giverny, in particular the pond with the water lilies. This project was Monet's own, and he went about it with great enthusiasm in a large fomat. The idea was to give the viewer a total experience, surrounding him or her with the wonder of nature. In these paintings he continued his work with sunlight and how it changes during the day.

In 1927, a year after his death, 22 of the large paintings- chosen by the artist himself- were shown to the public. He never stopped improving them.

Did you know? In 2007, one of Monet's water lily paintings sold for £18.5 and in 2008 another one was sold for almost £41 million!

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