Paintings by Vincent van Gogh

Famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh


215xNxVan_Gogh_Self_Portrait215px.jpg.pagespeed.ic.HM92-YLMhP (1)Year: 1887
Dimensions: 42x33,7 cm
Material: Oil on cardboard
Movement: Post-Impressionism
Current location: The Art Institute of Chicago

About the painting: Vicent van Gogh was very interested in the modern portrait. He was trying to accomplish something more than just depicting the appearance of a person; he wanted to bring out the state of mind of his model. Van Gogh accomplished this by a strong facial expression and a sophistacated and fearless use of colors. Van Gogh made several self-portraits.

The Red Vineyard

The_Red_vineyard215pxYear: 1888
Dimensions: 75x93 cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Movement: Post-Impressionism
Current location: Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

About the painting: The only painting Vincent van Gogh sold during his lifetime. Vincent's brother Theo helped him sell The Red Vineyard to an impressionist painter named Anna Boch, for a price of 400 francs. This painting is a perfect example of how clearly van Gogh percepted the colors of a motive and how he enhanced them in his paintings.


sunflowers215pxYear: 1888
Dimensions: 91x72 cm cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Movement: Post-Impressionism
Current location: Neue Pinakothek, Munich

About the painting: This painting is among those Vincent van Gogh painted in Southern France as a decoration for the Yellow House. Van Gogh was waiting for Gauguin to join him in Arles; this was a very productive time for van Gogh. He wanted to show Gauguin as many paintings as possible when he arrived. Van Gogh painted four vases with sunflowers, but only signed two.

Café Terrace at Night

Cafe_Terrace_at_Night215pxYear: 1888
Dimensions: 81x65 cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Movement: Post-Impressionism
Current location: Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo

About the painting: Vincent van Gogh liked to go to bed early in the evening, and got up around five in the morning. But to create this painting he stayed up all night, and painted what he saw directly; he didn't paint from memory or sketches, but right then and there. He wanted to savour the rich colors that he saw, and not just make any night scene using black and pale whites. Like with many other of his paintings, he described this painting in letters to his brother Theo and his sister. Vincent spoke of which colors he used, trying to create a mental image for the reader. His ideas on coloring and his ability to make out the quality of a tone were highly sophisticated. The scene is from Arles, southern France.

Starry night over the Rhone

Starry_Night_over_the_Rhone215pxYear: 1888
Dimensions: 72,5x92 cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Movement: Post-Impressionism
Current location: Musée d'Orsay, Paris

About the painting: This is one of the paintings van Gogh stayed up at night to create. He painted it directly, under a gas light. It interested and amused van Gogh to capture the colors of the night, and rather than wrapping the whole scene in black, he thought it important to depict the golden stars, the yellow lights, the tones of blue and violet, green and pink. Scene from Arles, South France.

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